carumbola's Journal


About. my name is marlee. i know i have potential if i put my mind to things. being dedicated is a lot harder than it sounds. i daydream a lot. i love geckos. nothing is more exciting than not knowing. i have my own definition of what is good and what is bad. i'm intellectually intuitive. i'm logical but in the most warped way. well, i don't really know. if you live nearby, by all means, hit me up!

Interested in. visual arts. rubix cubes. candyland. macbook. camera. photoshop. colored contacts. skinny jeans. green. sushi. bubble tea. subways across america. the twilight series. manga. sergeant frog. asian dramas. bear hugs. suprises. intellectual conversations. unpredictable people. eiji wentz. antic cafe. NEWS. paul griffiths. babycakes. kpop. jpop. jrock.


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